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Asset management and inventory systems are important in maintaining the profitability of companies. Inventory tools allow companies to run efficiently and cost-effectively, by facilitating the utilisation of every resource, every solution available to get tasks done. It allows companies and organisations to maintain a stable budget, while providing a platform for planning and development.

RFID tags and solutions empower companies to make the intelligent financial decisions by giving them a bird’s eye view of their available assets. A code reader, for example, can be used to manage inventories within a large system. However, such technology can also be utilized in retail for augmenting marketing campaigns, engaging target markets, providing more information to niche audiences, enabling purchases, and processing orders.

With the right tools and information, companies in Dubai can maximise these technological advancements to improve their business processes and boost their cost-effectiveness. If you are looking for tools to develop a leaner, more streamlined operations, there is one name you can count on – Tagit.

The Leading RFID People Counting System and RFID Solutions Provider in Dubai

Tagit is the perfect technological partner for achieving your business goals. A provider of a comprehensive host of technological tools to facilitate or improve managing and tracking systems, Tagit aims to help companies improve your inventory management process through advanced radio frequency identification solutions.

We offer a complete range of instruments for managing inventories in retail and other applications, including the following:

- RFID reader
- RFID tags
- RFID people counting system
- Barcode reader
- POS system

With the pairing of our RFID tags and RFID reader solutions in a system, we as a provider can help you accurately tally the total of tagged items within a particular area, without needing to scan each item one by one. If you are managing a jewellery shop, tagging your property with our radio frequency identification solutions can help prevent property loss.

If you are want to find out how many people enter your store on a daily basis, we have people counting solutions to help you build an accurate tally. Our suite of tools will elevate your business to the next level.

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